Lunch Menu

Small course

Seafood soup

creamy & tomato based. Fresh seafood, grilled bread & butter

3.590 kr.

Crispy cauliflower 🌱

Salted nuts, spring onion, buffalo sauce

2.990 kr.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Hot sauce, blue cheese sauce

6 pcs. 2.390 kr.
12 pcs. 3.390 kr.

Sharing platter for two

parma ham, torpedo shrimps, bacon-wrapped dates, grilled bread, nuts & olives

5.990 kr.

Truffle fries

Truffle oil, parmesan, truffle majo

1.890 kr.

Date dream

Bacon-wrapped dates, goat cheese & chili jam

2.590 kr.

Cheese dream

Cheese stuffed breadsticks

2.990 kr.

Tacos 3pcs.


Crispy cauliflower, hot sauce, salsa verde, salted nuts & aioli

3.690 kr.


Crispy haddock, salad, Korean bbq, aioli

3.690 kr.

Pulled Pork

Guacamole, salsa verde, aioli, parmesan

3.690 kr.


Mango salsa, chili, lime-aioli, crispy ginger.

3.690 kr.

Main course

Fish of the day

( The freshest at any time)

3.590 kr.

Fish and chips

with tartar sauce

3.590 kr.

Goat cheese & beetroot

Salad, mandarines, pine nuts, citrus dressing

3.890 kr.

Nutsteak 🌱

Root vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes, mushroom sauce

3.790 kr.

Burger 150gr.

Brioche bread, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, salad, crispy bacon, béarnaise sauce, fries

3.590 kr.

Pork "Schnitzel"

Mushroom sauce, fries, coleslaw

3.990 kr.

Open Steak Sandwich

Beef, béarnaise sauce, mushrooms, onion & truffled fries

4.690 kr.

Tiger Shrimp Salad

Tiger shrimps, pear, cherry tomatoes, crispy carrots, salad & honey mustard dressing 

4.290 kr.

Sourdough pizza 12''


Sauce, cheese

2.990 kr.


Sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple

3.290 kr.

Mrs. Hafnarfjörður

Pepperoni, fresh chilli & dates. Topped with honey.

3.890 kr.

Krydd Classic

Sauce, cheese, peperoni, onion, mushroom

3.790 kr.

The bear

Sauce, cheese, pepperoni, chicken, nachos & aioli

3.990 kr.

Cheese party

Sauce, mozzarella, blue cheese, camembert, parmesan, jam

3.990 kr.

The Italian

Sauce, cheese, parma ham, ruccola, garlic & parmesan

3.890 kr.

The hot one

Sauce, cheese, chili, jalapeño, pepperoni, mushroom

3.890 kr.


350 kr.


550 kr.

Kid's Menu

Don't want this

Fish& fries

1.990 kr.

Don't know

Burger & fries

1.990 kr.

I'm not hungry

Margherita pizza

1.990 kr.


Warm chocolate cake

Salted caramel, vanilla ice cream, berries

2.790 kr.

Chocolate mousse

Nuts, raspberry sorbet

2.590 kr.

Crème Brûlée

Vanilla ice cream

2.790 kr.

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or intolerances